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I’ve got some troublesBurnin’ in my head Live like a boy, but I’m a man Can’t change nobody Got no control All I got is my rock n’ roll Don’t…hear my words Don’t hear my screams Come along and free me from my dreams Here I am thinking In the dark again Thoughts of you runnin through my head Don’t know what to do Don’t know what to say I don’t have a clue, but gotta have my way My violent ways And party days All came to a stop And to the bottom from the top Bridge: Solo Listen to your problems, don’t give me shit for mine I’m not a failure runnin’ out of time Today’s a different story ‘cause I’m gonna get my way I’m gonna get my rock n’ roll today… Given…what you got, Give me what I want Given…all your love Cause it’s what I need You…you’re my problem, I’m not your fool You…cannot live with yourself, Gotta be left all alone © 2004 Scarecrowz


Leon Howse Ger Madden J.P. Proulx


Heavy Metal


All Rights Reserved
  • Troubles

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