The Angel of Death

from Stitch

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Coming down with its head held highDeath approaching with heavenly sigh Skies are thick and foaming at the mouth My eyes wonder what it’s all about It will sweep the nations like nothing Hog tied, demon soaked and writhing Burgeoning through the sand holes in time Burning with pleasure’s initial pride Fire in the sky... Time for me to die... It’s rain of blood trickling All that once was will again be no more Incinerating lust and no more late Grasping for light, grasping for air Burnt to the wick, burnt to the core Dungeons of war... From shore to shore... To the very underneath Solo Soaring in the night, spreading disease The reign of terror’s about to begin Defenses weaken and eventually fall Brick and stone crumble from the wall Dripping black... Sea of scum drowning. In the pits of the earth Bubbling and boil... To meet the destroyer’s thirst Said the Angel of the Death SPOKEN Mountains shatter with the stroke of hand Rivers and lakes dry to soak the sand Buildings and bridges start to close up Your life runneth over from the bloody cup (C) 2003 SCARECROWS (May)


written by Leon Howse / Gerry Madden / J.P. Proulx




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The Angel of Death
The Angel of Death
  • The Angel of Death

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