One For The Road

from Uprising

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You say the fast life is all I needDriving fast they call me Mr. Speed I’m not the one breaking the law Tell me a tale and I’ll tell you no lies Here we go, the road’s open wide I’m gonna gonna gun it for you (CHORUS) One for the road… When my day is done and I crave a drink Stroll through the bar where the women wink And the music’s rockous and loud Get me a swig of my favourite draft Play some pool when it’s packed to the raft Grab a girl and head for the floor Chorus (Bridge) Don’t ya even get me started My engines ready to blow And if you want to hear my confessions All I’m gonna say is go…GO! Solo Take one last round, I’m on my way Out the door, smokin’ my last J Gotta feel these wheels under my feet There’s not another soul all around That can match my steed on the ground Watch me as I gulp my last drop Chorus (repeat) © 2006 Scarecrowz


Ger Madden


Heavy Metal


All Rights Reserved
One For The Road
One For The Road
  • One For The Road

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January 11th
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