Gravity (Live)

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I feel the pull from outsideSeems to be nowhere to hide The strength of it pulls me in Got to start to act or begin Which way am I going Only the Gods sure know What kind of fate am I leaving Will I feel the a final blow Time will tell what happens next But sometimes I feel I’m hexed A perilous journey through clouds My sight is shrouded now Wish I could see where I’m going Already know where I’ve been I’d want to start planning But that remains to be seen Solo I’m losing grip on something Something that stands for nothing Feel like I’m falling farther down And I don’t want to break my crown! You’ll be drawn to where you go You’ll be with who you know You’ll see why and what you state You’ll gravitate © 2007 Scarecrowz (Lyrics: March 4th, Music: November)


Written by M. Lebreton/G. Madden




All Rights Reserved
Gravity (Live)
Gravity (Live)
  • Gravity (Live)

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