Down & Dirty (Live)

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I want you babyWon't ya give it all to me If you don't now, you will fall Over the edge to see CHORUS Take me down & Dirty No need to look so pretty Always on the go Going with the flow You won't have to worry I am in no hurry Get down on your knees Don't be such a tease C'mon over here now baby Take it all from me right now I'll give you lots of money To be my playboy bunny Chorus Solo I'm waiting for you baby Just give it all to me One way or another, honey I'll have you beggin' please Chorus Take me down & Dirty You don't have to worry Life is kinda shitty Don't give me no pity Just take me down & dirty... Take me down & Dirty (repeat 4x) © 2005 Scarecrows (November)


Written by M. Lebreton/G. Madden




All Rights Reserved
Down & Dirty (Live)
Down & Dirty (Live)
  • Down & Dirty (Live)

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