Burning Night (Live)

from The Best Of

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Along the way on this fearless journey, danger lurks from both sidesWinds are blowin’ a heap of troubles and things have blackened the sky I’m gonna make my way to you, one way or the other Nothing’s gonna stand in my way, no hell or high water (CHORUS) Burnin’ in the night, I can see the fire’s light (oh yeah) In this world of pain, there’s no pride and there’s no shame (oh yeah) Sons of freedom are calling to me on this midnight ride Before havoc can be reached you gotta reach the edges of twilight The rain is just a pourin’ down, but it’ll take much more than that To keep you away from me ‘cause I know where you’re at Chorus (BRIDGE #1) And I remember oh so well It’s got me wrapped up in its spell But I won’t give in or give out Until you’re with me and there’s no doubt Solo (BRIDGE #2) And I remember oh so well The things you kept hidden inside And now I see it oh so clear I won’t be taken for a ride Chorus (repeat) © 2003 Scarecrowz


Written by Ger madden




All Rights Reserved
Burning Night (Live)
Burning Night (Live)
  • Burning Night (Live)

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