Burning Bridges

from Uprising

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Don’t tell me why you went and did thatI can only believe the things I see There’s no meaning in your face value When you’ve forgotten the meaning of “we” (CHORUS) Ain’t burning no bridges (I see you comin’) Not pulling the wool now over me No point of returning (which way you goin?) And through your eyes I still can’t see Don’t tell me they came to cast out You told me the facts, why should I doubt You really need to get yourself examined Now instead of correction, you mope and pout Chorus (BRIDGE) You must know you were like a brother Not made light of your serious ways We were there all along to support you But instead of talking, you lit the flames Solo Don’t tell me you’ve got something to prove We knew that you already had to But too late to repeat the horror story It doesn’t matter now that you’re unglued Chorus (CHORUS #2) From riches to ragged We waited for you on top of all high Gave us the signal But you just waved your last goodbye (Flames ending the song)… © 2008 Gerry Madden (September)


Ger Madden


Heavy Metal


All Rights Reserved
Burning Bridges
Burning Bridges
  • Burning Bridges

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July 5th
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