Angry (Live)

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Let’s not beat around the bushI’m fucking pissed off at you You know what the hell I’m talking about I see what you’ve been up to (CHORUS #1) You think you can lie your way right out of this one I see through your deception, I’m not falling and I won’t run Cut the crap, I’ve heard that before I know that you’re misleading You think when you put on that smile That I can’t tell you’re deceiving (CHORUS #2) When figure out exactly what you’ve been up to Boy, they’ll be hell to pay Cause I cast a spell of voodoo on you! (BRIDGE) So you can take your bull and shovel cause your knee deep in it And I can’t see cause your life’s draggin’ me down Your scene I’m gonna quit Solo Chorus 1 & 2 I’m angry … (angry with you) … I’m angry I’m angry … (what did you do) … I’m angry I’m angry … (you know we’re through) … I’m angry (C) 2003 Scarecrows (june)


written by Leon Howse / Ger Madden




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Angry (Live)
Angry (Live)
  • Angry (Live)

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